PRES is an Implementation Contractor that focuses on energy related infrastructure projects to numerous private and public sector clients. Our talented and diverse team of Engineering, Construction, Energy, and Facilities Management professionals; average over 20 years in the business. We have an established operations engine designed to operate on a local or national basis to meet the needs of our customers.

We provide the framework for engineering, implementation and related consulting services to help our client’s design, and then build the most efficient project in compliance with their financial and sustainability objectives. Drawing from our engineering and construction background, we seek to create a user-friendly process for the client, the design team, the construction team, and the ultimate end users of the facility. Our experience and creativity goes beyond what traditional consulting and construction firms offer. We excel with interaction with owners, contractors, and other design team members to ensure a successful project.

Our flexibility is a hallmark in the marketplace and extends to the nature of our working relationships as well. In most cases, our team becomes an integral resource of the customer where our role is that of a coach, mentor, and owner’s agent. In many cases, our team becomes the customer’s turnkey project delivery resource from concept to completion.

Energy opportunities that make sense.


PRES’ emergence (in 2001) was the result of its founders’ knowledge of a recognizable void in the energy, design and implementation services marketplace. Very few companies have evolved with an unbiased delivery platform that extends nationally – one that assures its customers that their financial interests is our sole focus. PRES is – by design – completely objective as it provides services to its customers; a unique trait in the marketplace today.

OUR VISION: Create a unique and more efficient client experience by training our team of professionals in the overall construction and facilities management process.

OUR MISSION: We are committed to maximizing our clients return their infrastructure investments by providing efficient designs, “constructible designs”, and by providing unrivaled professional service.

OUR VALUES: We believe in exceeding expectations, and earning our clients trust to become part of the fabric of their organization.