PRES Services

2430 North Forest Road
Suite 106
Getzville, NY 14068
(716) 633-1370

About PRES Services

PRES Services has four main operating divisions that address the various aspects of Property Strategy and Energy Cost Management which have the most significant impact to your bottom line.

PRES Energy

Full service energy cost management services focused on “behind the meter” (Energy Efficiency) system design, optimization, and project implementation help you reduce your energy demand. This is the historical ‘core’ for PRES Services with growth of affiliate businesses to provide related and complementary services.

PRES Energy Finish Line

Supply side portfolio management and energy procurement services help you buy energy at predictable and competitive rates.

PRES Design Build

Management services ensure installation of mechanical and electrical systems that meet your long term objectives, on time and on budget.

PRES Location Strategies

Consulting services to help you understand geographic location opportunities that benefit your business operations, that reduce your carbon footprint associated with business travel, and that improve alignment of your property with your business strategy.



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