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Energy Management

Energy is one of the largest controllable line items related to property costs. Most businesses today want to manage down both their energy use and energy cost to capture the financial value and take a step toward reducing their overall net environmental impact.

The concept is straightforward:

Total Energy Cost = (How much you use) x (How much it costs).

On the "demand side", you can reduce how much energy you use which will lower your cost as well as your carbon footprint. Read more...

Some energy efficiency can be obtained with operational efficiencies and behavior management (turning off unneeded equipment, scheduling equipment operation to only times of use, and training your staff to identify and recognize no-cost savings opportunities). Others require properly designed, installed, and maintained equipment of the latest technology class. Read more...

On the "supply side", you can often reduce the unit price of your energy as this directly reduces your total energy spending. Procurement of energy is managed similar to a financial fund, with varying pricing products and laddered buying contracts, all selected to match the risk profile of the customer. Read more...

Energy Cost Management is often the first step in a journey toward sustainability. PRES is typically asked to provide a benchmark analysis to compare your energy consumption with others in your business class. Then we evaluate the overall opportunity across your portfolio and create a "self-funding" implementation plan to guide you in the most lucrative pursuit towards excellence.





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