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Location Analysis

Knowing "where" can be important to your business.

In real estate "location, location, location" have always been the three most important things. In business, bad location decisions mean lost time, lost income, or lost opportunities.

You should apply financial analysis to understand the impact of location upon your business. It is widely cited that 80% of business information has a location value. Obvious things like customers, facilities, infrastructure are clearly in that category. So are the direct implications upon business goals such as market reach, response time, and logistical cost management. But your business probably has many others that are not always factored into key decisions.

Value of Location Analysis

A location analysis offers the following value, as part of your overall property strategy:

  • Rationalize Location Decisions - it can quantify times, costs, and impacted areas associated with property-related location decisions.
  • Address Consolidation Desire - it can answer questions such as "Do we have the right number of sites?" and "If not which ones have least impact if closed?"
  • Address “Response Time” Concerns - you can better understand if areas are currently over-served or under-served, how travel time will be impacted by proposed changes, and which relocations (if any) are required to meet your goals.
  • Support Re-engineering or Standardization Efforts - it can identify type and volume of work supported from each location to help you decide which prototype applies to each.

Should you have one or multiple facilities?.

The most common location analysis is about the degree of consolidation. But there are a spectrum of issues and business objectives with geographic impact. So there is no single location analysis technique for all cases. A location analysis can be strategic or tactical; it can be simple or sophisticated. The type of analysis depends upon the business objectives for plan. The detail of the analysis depends upon the potential value to the business.

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