Don’t know where to start?

We love fixing problems, but some customers struggle with attaining visibility to and prioritizing issues at all of their facilities. With our unique Integrated Facility Cost Management Program, we can help to bring understanding to where to start, how finances are impacted, then actually fix things. Through this process we adapt to each of our clients unique needs and internal capabilities with an end result of helping to achieve their desired goals.

DiscoveryPlus™ Audit
Advanced Analysis
Savings Opportunities
Turnkey Solution

Data Centralization

The first step in our process is to bring visibility to your portfolio of buildings, no matter where they are located geographically. Using proprietary software we are able to aggregate building level data and gain insights into what and where opportunities are, as well as potential financial impacts. The outcome of this phase is to have a plan informed by data and customer input with targeted areas to investigate.


The Discovery phase takes the informed plan and insights gathered from Data Centralization and puts them into motion. A hallmark of Discovery is the DiscoveryPlus™ Audit. This activity considers issues from operational, reliability and energy savings perspectives and aims to be a self-funding process by identifying and implementing low cost/no cost opportunities. At the same time, we’re gathering information to identify root-causes and inform engineered solutions. The outcome is actionable insights into the short and long-term issues within a building.

Design & Deploy

After opportunities are quantified, understood, and funded, the design and deploy phase serves to actually implement them in a holistic and transparent way. Our team of in-house engineers and project managers work in concert to deliver engineered solutions on an open book, guaranteed maximum cost basis with customer engagement at every step of the way.

Dynamic Commissioning

Once engineered solutions are in place, our DynamicCx™ process works to ensure everything is operating properly, and actively keeps the solutions in a persistently commissioned state. This means that energy savings and operational aspects of the solutions are preserved over the useful life of the solution. Predictive analytics and Machine Learning are used to provide visibility of future issues to facility maintenance staff so that a truly preventative approach to maintenance can be achieved.