Facility Optimization

PRES’ team of expert engineers are able to leverage a broad range of abilities to identify issues and optimize facilities so that our customers can focus on their core business.

An effective facility optimization program assesses and fixes the root cause of immediate problems while also addressing energy waste. It produces immediate benefits and also sets you up for more predictable operations cost management. It creates better systems for monitoring equipment, as well as collecting and reporting the data.

Advanced Analysis

Utilizing our proprietary software program to perform system analytics we are able to clearly determine opportunities for improvement efficiency.

DiscoveryPlus™ Audit

Investigates how buildings operate and provides immediate benefits while gathering information required to quantify and define broader program based measures.

Savings Opportunities

Experienced team that has a keen eye for finding savings opportunities along with developing the methodology to justify sustained impact.

Immediate Benefits

Communicates helpful initiatives to positively impact a company’s bottom line and improve efficiency through identified low cost/no cost initiatives while on-site.


Our “Turnkey Approach” provides the thought leadership and experience personnel to deliver a project from concept to completion.

This project delivery system is a stepped approach to developing an accurate scope, cost and schedule that is optimized for the project, with client integration through each step.

Expert Engineers

Engineers cross-trained to think like contractors, facility managers and owners. This provides our team the unique ability to foresee issues that may arise in construction and address them during design.

Your Perfect Partner

An extension of our clients staff to deliver the highest level of satisfaction. Our involvement can bridge the client’s resources without requiring an increase in staffing.

Singular Responsibility

A direct contract with us to provide design and construction services. One entity, one contract, one unified flow of work from initial concept through completion.

Competitive Bids

Competitive procurement of individual contractor disciplines and major equipment component assures that the customer benefits from the best pricing available in the marketplace.


PRES takes a proactive approach in commissioning that results in reduced operating, maintenance and energy costs, improved occupant comfort, and trained operations staff.

Our commissioning process is quality-oriented for achieving, verifying, and documenting that mechanical, electrical, domestic hot water, and renewable energy systems and assemblies are operating as intended.

Performance Commissioning

Functional testing of select equipment to optimize its ability to meet the customers requirements.

New Construction Commissioning

Ensures that new buildings and/or new equipment is installed and operating based on a defined criteria.

Existing Building Commissioning

Systematic process of evaluating existing building equipment operation to its original design and intent and then making the necessary adjustments to meet the buildings needs.

Continuous Commissioning

Ongoing process that resolves problems and improves the quality and energy use of existing equipment. Tests are scheduled periodically to ensure that original standards are continuously met over time.

Energy Procurement

Rate-side consulting that specializes in portfolio management for energy commodity purchases and executing the energy procurement strategy.

Our team helps clients establish Energy Procurement Plans. We investigate usage rates and patterns, and client tolerances for risk, to advise on an integrated approach to meeting its energy supply needs in the current deregulated environment. Our goal is to manage rates and prices paid based on usage patterns and supplier sources available.

Managing Market Risk

We structure your facility portfolio into buying groups/markets and then use different price products and variations in contract terms to reduce the overall risk. This work requires an overall strategy, on-going structuring and realignment of the company’s portfolio, continuous buying, and market and supplier knowledge.

Providing Good Advice

An advisor who is qualified and reputable, has experience with critical elements of energy supply and understands the energy marketplace so that you receive the proper support. Someone who understands how customers use energy and can identify strategies to improve utilization and reduce waste.