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Property Strategy

Property Stategy consists of a set of sensible approaches that can be used to rationally establish your property needs and develop an onoging property operation and investment program that meshes with your business plan. The very simplicity of this concept is the source of its value: "business needs should drive property decisions".

In taking a business approach towards your company property, you can build a strong alignment between the property assets you hold, how you manage them, and your company's business strategy. By understanding how the various properties are important to your operation, you can frame the key issues and trade-offs for decision-makers, then choose which opportunities to pursue that best advantage the business.

   Property decisions follow business decisions.

Develop Strategic Plan

The first step is to develop a Strategic Property Plan - Where Are We Going and Why? The focus of this plan is on understanding how property goals and policies fit with business goals. Key aspects are what kind of facilities to have, where, and how big. There is often a location analysis performed as part of the planning to confirm the properties are in the right locations for the business to identify those to keep, vs. relocate. This plan is typically only updated every few years. Recently the desire for demonstrating sustainability in all dimensions of the business has created more attention to the issue of location. Some examples include travel distances from distribution centers to customers, employee travel distances from back room and corporate offices, and reducing billable service charges for maintenance work. All of these considerations are part of a comprehensive sustainability analysis.


Develop Tactical Plan

The next step is developing a Tactical Property Plan - How Are We Getting There (and When)? The focus of this plan is on understanding the sequence of projects and activities to be accomplished to achieve the desired property goals. There is often a energy assessment, condition assessment, and real estate analysis performed as part of this work to develop budget estimates and understand how well specific properties are configured for efficient operation. Portions of this plan are typically updated every budget cycle (annually).


Establish and Implement Property Management Plan

The last step is to develop a management plan specific to each property asset - What Investments Should be Made and How Should This Property be Operated? The focus of this plan is on understanding any investment (expansion, "right-sizing," modernization) needed to the existing property to align it with the business objective, and the ongoing annual maintenance required to both preserve the asset value and provide efficient property operation.




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